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This weekend RRL is making presentation at BMO Nesbitt Burns Global Resources conference in Florida on their duketon project (resource = 2.2moz)

could see a bit of action next week if they attract some interest, as well there is a resource update next month (see timetable below)

share price has suffered from dilution in the past and has drifted down on low vol – but with some buy volume could jump to 10.5, altho lots of sellers from there on. Newmont hold 49%, 9 instos hold another 30%, directors 1% – so only 20% in public hands

RRL claims to be one of the lower mkt cap / oz (here’s their rank – i have taken numbers off a graph so just approx)

mkt cap / oz
AAM 18
FML 19
GLN 19
RRL1 25
IGR 30
RNG 35
RRLav 38
CRK 40
MDS 50
RRL 50
RRL2 51
WTE 65
CRE 75
DEG 100
NAV 120
TAM 140
AVO 180

Duketon timing:
March 07 – Moolart Well resource update
2Q07 – laterite into reserve status
May 07 – commence long-delivery order
Aug 07 – Moolart well resource update
Sep 07 – oxide into reserve status
Sep 07 – Feasibility study completed


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