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PPE’s principal activities are provision of workforce management, contracted staffing, recruitment and human resources outsourcing services. Services provided by the Group include recruiting, on-boarding, contracting, rostering, timesheet management, payroll, and workplace health and safety management.

People Infrastructure operates under three main industry sectors being Health and Community Care, Information Technology and General Staffing and Specialist Services.

– Was pottering along, but probably suffering a bit through the Covid pullback, although they claim to be doing OK. Now seeking more capital, at $1.10 a share. A $12million placement and $5.5million SPP

Trading Update
• Record revenue up 44% Feb-YTD v pcp
• Record normalised EBITDA up 53% Feb-YTD v pcp
• Strong cashflow generation in the 3 months to 31 March 2020 with net debt decreasing by $4m

Impact of COVID-19
Minimal impact on community services staffing business, general staffing business, facilities maintenance business, IT contracting business and contract planting business; Increased general staffing work for food processing clients
• Hospitality payrolling business and child-care staffing business experiencing short term downturn
• Some unpredictability with respect to nursing and permanent IT businesses

Acquisition and Investment Opportunities
• A number of attractive investment and acquisition opportunities expected to emerge in a subdued market
• Expected to be one of the few companies in the staffing market seeking acquisition opportunities over the next 12 months

I’d call that smashed. Debt a bit high.


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