Good international stocks to buy

Why the tread has been put in ASX stock chat? It’s mostly about International Companies. Please move it back to international stock section.

Guys please stop doing predictions and discuss possible market moves. Let’s focus instead on stupid and simple thing – finding biggest drops in good looking companies, like Boeing and Mercedes etc.

Now is the time to buy AFTER the bounce, and we are not close to there, yet.
That said, your choice of stocks could hardly be worse – transport and tourism – neither should be contemplated in the present environment.

That’s probably the reason those stocks fell so much – everyone are afraid of it and it fell the most. As for the timing – I agree with you, and also believe (and hope) it will go down significantly more, ideally 50% more down.

The problem is – it’s impossible to catch the biggest drop timing exactly. So I would like to spend probably ~30% on the current drop, and keep 70% for later if the bigger drop will occur.

It’s not a defensive play, those fallen stocks can fell further and yes if you buy it now there could be losses, but that’s ok. It should be expected that those investments will be locked for half a year or maybe two years until they recover. That’s the known problem of trying to catch falling knife, sometimes you will be cut, that’s ok.

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