Fiserv: Time To Revisit My Thesis After Strong Q4 Results (FISV)

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Merchant segment driving growth at FISV

Mykola Pokhodzhay


Fiserv (NASDAQ:FISV) was the first company about which I published an article at Seeking Alpha. That was a year ago and now with full year results out I think

FISV Q4-2022 results overview

FISV Q4-2022 results overview (FISV Q4-2022 investor presentation)

FISV outlook 2022

FISV 2022 initial guidance (FISV investor presentation for Q4 results 2021)

2022 FCF target

2022 FCF cash flow target (Dec 2020 investor day presentation )

FISV real growth target 2023

FISV 2023 forecasted revenue growth (FISV Q4-2022 investor presentation)

FISV 2023 outlook and guidance

FISV 2023 outlook (FISV Q4-2022 presentation)

FISV performance

Performance of my recommendation so far (Seeking Alpha)

FISV DCF output

FISV updated DCF valuation (author’s own calculations and assumptions)

FISV debt

FISV debt maturities (Q3-2022 10-Q filing)

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