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6 days of trading lower on increasing volume. Fri about equaled Thur volume. I’m dying to jump in to this one. I originally had a buy in at $1.20 but pulled it. From a purely TA point of view they say lower closing prices on increasing volumes is a bad sign short term. You want to wait for the volume to decrease significantly, the sp swings to moderate and you want that to consolidate for a period of time. It means the sellers are exhausted. The consolidating period though…who knows how long that is or should be. When a stock is sold off too hard and the RSI plummets south you will at least get a dead cat bounce. Whether the trend then reestablishes a northward travel depends on the real story of the company. DWS has a great history and one client pulling a bit of work does not mean disaster. It just means an over reaction by the market.

Having said all that I’m going to buy some at $1.20 then wait till the selling settles and then buy a lot more.

If you’re looking for other great quality stocks to follow check out MCE, SWL, ARP, MLD. Another, FGE, has been sold off after a short burst following a profit UPGRADE. Just fast money going in and out. Opportunity there for sure. Good luck. :)

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