AEF – Australian Ethical Investment

Couldn’t find a thread on AEF even though it has been around for 33 years.

It’s been a good four months for AEF having risen from $1.70 in early July to over $3 today. It currently has $3.64 billion funds under management as of 30 September 2019.

Some of the company’s more recent investments are:

Managing Director and CEO Phil Vernon resigned from the company on 31 August 2019 after nine years with the company. Under his leadership AEF funds under management increased from $600 million to over $3.4 billion. Some big shoes to fill there.

In the short term I think AEF may have run too far too fast, but there is clearly a lot of positive sentiment around the company. Ethical investing is certainly gaining in popularity in recent times. AEF’s direction in the short term will largely depend on the direction of global markets, so it may be a good bet for those will a bullish outlook.



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