10 Best Forex Trading App in 2022

With the evolution of wireless and mobile networks, Forex trading is increasingly being conducted remotely. Developers of trading software are releasing more and more apps for various mobile platforms like smartphones, tablets, etc.

There are many Forex and crypto trading apps on iPhone and Android, designed for a variety of tasks. Their main advantages are low hardware requirements, high efficiency, ease of use, and low cost. Of course, the flexibility of such utilities is sometimes limited, but you can bypass this by using several apps for different purposes.

Best Forex Trading App

We have compiled our own top list to pinpoint the best apps for trading Forex, crypto and beyond on any mobile platform in 2021.

1. Robinhood

Platforms: Android, iOS

Average user rating: 4.0 (iOS), 1.3 (Android)*

Robinhood allows you to trade on exchanges without commissions. With Robinhood, users can invest in stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and many other instruments. Simplicity of use is an additional advantage for beginners.

Robinhood does not require a fixed minimum deposit to start trading and offers users commission-free transactions. Robinhood also offers a premium Robinhood Gold account, which opens up access to margin trading.

Robinhood is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This provides investors peace of mind when trading.

*Please keep in mind that because of the events involving GameStop, there is a possibility that the Robinhood app was review-bombed at the time of writing this.

2. IBKR Mobile

Platforms: Android, iOS

Average user rating: 3.1 (iOS), 1.2 (Android)*

IBKR Mobile


Interactive Brokers is one of the world’s largest brokers, licensed on all continents. Their mobile app is a good solution for all advanced brokers.

IBKR Mobile, both on Android and iOS, offers one of the smartest order execution engines, and direct access to global exchanges. The app also includes a vast choice of fixed income products, like European corporate bonds and Euro-denominated government bonds.

One possible disadvantage of the app is that it does not support streaming data on multiple devices. So if you log into the app while still logged onto another device, you’ll be prompted to turn off streaming data on either of them.

*At the time of writing, users are reporting technical problems with the application. The developers claim to be working on fixing them promptly.

3. Webull

Platforms: Android, iOS

Average user rating: 4.1 (iOS), 2.8 (Android)


Founded in 2017, Webull is a mobile app-based brokerage firm that offers commission-free trading in stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Webull is regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Webull is great for active traders and is generally regarded as one of the best alternatives to Robinhood. Features of the app include technical indicators, economic calendars, ratings from research agencies, margin trading and short-selling capabilities.

The Webull trading platform is designed for mid- to high-experience traders, although beginner traders may also enjoy it.

4. M1 Finance

Platforms: Android, iOS

Average user rating: 4.2 (Android), 4.6 (iOS)

M1 Finance

The developers call this app “The Finance Super App,” and in this case, it probably would not be an exaggeration.

M1 Finance offers both automated investing and extensive customization options. Thus, this application is a good choice for sophisticated traders who require a portfolio that is configured to strictly defined specifications.

With M1, you also have access to more than 80 expert portfolios and pies. Pies are circular charts in the M1 that show asset balance in your portfolio. To facilitate investment analysis and selection, M1 offers stock and ETF screeners.

5. Acorns

Platforms: iOS, Android

Average user rating: 4.4 (Android), 4.7 (iOS)


The Acorns app is often referred to as “investing for millennials,” and perhaps the reason for that is the incredibly accessible functionality.

The app combines the robo-advisor model and an automated savings tool, allowing a user to round up purchases on linked cards, and then transfer the change into a portfolio managed by algorithms.

Acorns also allows you to invest more than just round-ups. Thus, the app is not only suitable for those who are struggling to save money, but also for beginner traders who are making their first steps in the world of long range investments.

6. NetDania Stock & Forex Trader

Platforms: iOS, Android

Average user rating: 4.6 (Android), 4.7 (iOS)

NetDania Stock & Forex Trader

The app includes a huge set of useful capabilities. Working with currency markets, online charting, real-time currency, and precious metals rates are all just a small part of NetDania’s features. It’s also one of the most convenient applications with stocks and their quotes. NetDania is fairly fast, with built-in localization and an intuitive interface. You can also find bank-to-bank rates for the Forex market from leading liquidity providers, and a wide range of currency pairs is complemented by commodity assets. In addition, NetDania allows you to work with international and local economic event calendars. Сharts, time intervals, and alerts can be customized, as well as the app menu itself.

7. MetaTrader 5

Platforms: iOS, Android

Average user rating: 4.5 (Android), 4.7 (iOS)

MetaTrader 5

A platform for mobile online trading on the Forex and Stock markets boasts features like real-time quotes, all types of trade orders, full set of trade execution, detailed trading history, free financial news, and technical analysis.

The MT5 app allows traders to connect to brokers’ servers, receive stock prices and currency exchange rates, analyze financial markets using charts and technical indicators, trade and view the history of your trading operations.

8. thinkorswim

Platforms: iOS, Android

Average user rating: 3.1 (Android), 4.7 (iOS)


In the store page comment section, this app is called “a paradise for technical analysis”. It is hard to disagree because thinkorswim offers a really impressive set of tools: stocks, complex options, futures, and forex. Users can create and modify advanced orders and add order conditions. There is also a live chat with trading advisors with the ability to share the app screen. Users’ trading strategies can be safely tested in real market conditions using the so-called PaperMoney without risking real deposits.

9. TickTrader

PlatformsiOS, Android

Average user rating: 3.5 (Android)


A free Android application for mobile Forex and Exchange trading packed with features like FX/Crypto Demo and Live trading accounts; live quotes with depth of market; operations with market and pending orders; trading history logs; advanced tools for technical analysis; Forex market news and FXOpen broker news.

FXOpen TickTrader offers real-time market data, including pricing and charts, for all new and existing FXOpen customers. With the mobile application Forex traders can easily and quickly receive the latest economic and financial news, currency rates, access charts, and market analysis online. The app allows users to trade on FX / Crypto Demo or Live accounts.

10. Firstrade

Platforms: Android, iOS

Average user rating: 3.7 (Android), 3.8 (iOS)

10 Best Forex Trading App in 2021

Firstrade offers a sweet $0 commission for stock and options trades while being limited in terms of included trading instruments, like Forex and crypto, research tools, and product scope.

However, unlike many other brokers with low commissions, Firstrasde has something to offer active traders. The functionality of the platform includes an advanced option spread trading and securities lending program. The latter enables investors to lend their stocks to other financial entities, and some earn extra income.

A nice bonus for Chinese-speaking clients is that the app has the full support of Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

FXOpen comparison table

For your convenience, we created a comparison table of the applications on our list. However, be aware that our grades here are not absolute, but rather relative within the comparison of the data on specific trader’s instruments.

Grade values in the table:

A — “excellent”

B — “good”

C — “passing”

Apps User-friendliness Flexibility Learning curve Average user rating Download
Robinhood A B A 4.0 iOS,

1.3* Android

iOS, Android
IBKR Mobile B A C 3.1 iOS,

1.2** Android

iOS, Android
Webull B B B 4.1 iOS,

2.8 Android

iOS, Android
M1 Finance B A A 4.6 iOS,

4.2 Android

iOS, Android
Acorns A C A 4.6 iOS,

4.2 Android

iOS, Android
NetDania Stock & Forex Trader A A A 4.7 iOS,

4.6 Android

iOS, Android
MetaTrader 5 B A C 4.7 iOS,

4.5 Android

iOS, Android
thinkorswim B A B 4.7 iOS,

3.1 Android

iOS, Android
TickTrader A A B TBA iOS,

3.5 Android

iOS, Android
Firstrade A C B 3.8 iOS,

3.7 Android

iOS, Android

*Please keep in mind that because of the events involving GameStop, there is a possibility that the Robinhood app was review-bombed at the time of writing this.

**At the time of writing, users are reporting technical problems with the application. The developers claim to be working on fixing them promptly.


Are trading apps legit?

Most trading apps are quite legit. Typically, the reliability and safety of any app can be assessed by looking at user feedback in the App Store. In terms of functionality, many trading mobile apps are as good as similar desktop solutions.

How to use trading apps?

Generally, to start trading, you need to create an account and deposit some amount, depending on which broker you use. However, if you are a complete beginner, we recommend that you register a demo account or use the tutorial apps to learn about the mechanisms and specifics of trading.

What is the best forex app for Android?

The best application for you is determined by your needs. Today you can find an app that fits any combination of trading skills and experience.

What is the best trading app for beginners?

As mentioned above, it is better for beginners to start with apps that have demo accounts or educational apps. Trading refers to risky activities and it is recommended to gain some experience before using real money.

Is trading online safe?

Assets speculation is considered an occupation that involves risk of losing money. Statistically, most investors lose their savings. It is also necessary to always check your software and the brokers which you use.

If you have any other questions, be sure to ask them in the comment section!


These are just a few best Forex apps chosen from the hundreds currently available. Although each of these applications is useful in their own way and provide top-notch features to Forex traders. Remember that trading success depends primarily on your knowledge and skills.

And what mobile apps for trading do you use the most? Please leave your comments or suggestions below.

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