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  4. I'm sorry but this is dodgy. Right off the bat just the title, we didn't once see any cash or payment for the car. Not saying he doesn't own it but I'm pretty sure he lied about how. He is also lying when he says he guarantees you will make a profit. That is an impossible guarantee, most people lose money, esp[ecially when first starting. Also, multiple people said they paid for his services and they got scammed.

  5. Van man = knobhead , who will stay in a van. If someone asked if i was a drug dealer or footy player id say " fuck off " moron uk people judge straight away & are wrong !! If it was a woman that van knobhead wud say " are u a wag? "

  6. Bullshit. This guy ain’t no trader, he copied all signals from a free website that gives free forex signals which is shit. This guy has been exposed already in the gram.

  7. This some funny stuff! Too many gullible people out there believing it's this easy. I never see any talk about strategy or anything, just cars, money and big houses. What strategy you using to get that money? Show a legitimate trade or strategy and stop misguiding people into believing this is what it's all about!

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