1. hi rayner teo you hit the nail on the head "market is not an atm" , "no strategy works 100% in the market" , "spoon feeding and tips wont work" people are reluctant to work wont success in the market.

  2. Forex trading is the biggest trading platform in all over the world it gives huge opportunity to make good money by a very short time if you can work hard, have a good patience and knowledge about trading

  3. for me std.procedures in tradings is not reliable most of the time due to uncertainty in market condition but as you have said
    if you can find an effective strategy that you can consistently take profit with low risk .Tools. indicators etc. are not 100 % reliable
    for me. In trading safeguard your capital and avoid losses but ensure graduall profit and FX trading is like an ATM Machhine…
    Most of all reserve enough capital as buffer in times of Market volatility and market trends against you….I knew some traders already well versed on this simple strategy.

  4. Great advice and video. Rayner, how do you go about your back testing. Do you do it manually or automated. I find that strategies that don't use indicators must be manually back tested.

  5. Thank you so much for all the effort you put in this channel, would really like to see your trades, but anyway is a great start for any rookie that wants to get involved, thank you so much for all you do

  6. For more than a year in fx trading I applied almost all tools, indicators etc in order to be profitable in trading but still its very difficult to conquer the unpredictable market until such time I found a simple strategy that made me consistently profitable and the accumulated gains relied on the capital and it's risk free in times of unwanted reverse of trends… For me rayner std. Trading process is not reliable and prone to losses if the market is unpredictable.

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