1. No need to apologise for getting excited in my book Alex. It shows your passion for what you are doing, and while passion is not a word normally associated with Forex trading, I think it's a necessary trait for anything one wants to achieve in life. I also love your no BS style, especially when you answer comments 🙂

  2. Alex, will this work with a two digit pair like Oil (XTI/USD)? Oil (in FX as a pair against the USD) can only be traded in half or whole lots (0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0…etc) with my dealer (IC Markets).

  3. Dear Alex, I am very keenly watching your each and every video on GTM and understanding its potential risks and advantages. While going thru on real chart, i found important area where price continuously hits the grids almost every candle on the upper side of the Grid and sometimes lower side of the grid as the markets in ranging for a certain period on a upward market trend where we put the EA on Buy one directional trades . In this situation if you have put multiplier6 or above, will it means everytime price visits the upperside of the grid it opens a trade right immediately. In that case, how do we take control of the EA if it keep opening the trade. Due to limitation i am unable to attach a particular chart here to show what i really want to explain you here.

  4. How is performance between single direction and both direction. Do you get good results for both direction mode? I have trade copier running, can i have couple of your EA on same mt4 account? Thank you sir

  5. Hey Alex,
    thank you very much for your video.
    What we will do if the price goes in our direction let’s say to level 100 and we’re using the 10 grid level. And after that the price goes against us to – 100…
    Then we’re at minus 2000 pips instead of – 550.?

  6. Respectfully as an owner of 4 Expert4x EAs I take issue with the title that says this one is the only one you need; if you want to trade a directional grid after correctly ID’ing a trend, sure. TOD Hedging better suits my current style, followed by Make Money. I intend to buy the Weekend Gap Trader soon. As a new trader, I could not safely operate GTM or the manual DIAD EA. One has to use the right EA for the right job.

  7. Hello Alex, testing your EA in a demo, resaults for now are amazing. I'm using the 360 degree indicator on the RSI daily of all 28 currencies to obtain entries for a 150-200 pip moves. when RSI goes 25/75 im getting in with buy(-25) or sell(+75). getting gaps up by 50% after level 7 of counter trend.

  8. i have bought the gtm, and feel intuitively it has great promise…but where i fall down is not knowing how to be precise with risk, for example max open ticket count..how do we know exactly our risk?

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