1. so i have a proquant bot that is getting 2000% return on investment that we have been developing, turned $500 into $8.2k in a month, been backtesting it and letting it run on a paper account. Cool, so now how do I make it for mt4 since proquant is not available in america?

  2. i agree bro i have robot and last 6 month i made a lot of money with any robot you use you have to have good amount of money in the account buying a robot for 100 and having 100-200 in your account wont get you anywhere.

  3. Blah blah blah blah, there's not one "Forex Trader" that can actually share some "real" knowledge or show you how it is really done. All they do is talk crap and make you buy shit. This video is literally fucking pointless! Christ!

  4. If someone is offering you a robot for money it's because they want your money. Simple as that. If the robot is working the person would be a multi miljonair and would'nt care for your hundred bucks or so. So a paid robot is not working in the long run or is working very bad…..

  5. Great videos i think you will be the king in 10 years. can you sell me a robot . I want at least 2 robot but cost alot of money. I live in a god damn 3rd world country so 1k is lot money for me. if you can do an android app i can rent it. i want to look results. . I also want to do my own robot but i dont have knowledge

  6. Actually EA is based on Trend Following Strategy and money management. We can enter in good price with this EA. I prefer EA trading and can fluently run trading with Trade12 broker because here I have smart bridge technology, narrow trading spread, superior fast execution and the authentic economic calendar.

  7. The strategy tester charts works fine with the buys and sells as instructed to the EA, but the actual execution triggers are late by the EA and some times on triggers at all. This results into loss, though if triggers happen in the EA according to instructions profit would be consistent. Any solutions?

  8. Very informative video!

    As a software Engineer, I can say that building your own bot is REALLY difficult if you don't understand the market.

    For those of you looking to build your own robot, be sure to understand technical analysis and everything you can about trading.

    If you can't make money without a bot, then you're not ready for one. If you pay someone to build the bot for you, and you already have the technical know-how to trade, you can look to spend an excess of $5,000+ (and that's on the low end) for a completely custom one built to your specifications. Plus you'd have to wait for the programmer to finish the bot. Programmers base their priorities on the "fast. Cheap. Good. Pick two. " model.

    A premade one will cost you around $1k give or take. Beware of scammers though.

  9. There are many good robots with simpleminded lazy people who think there is no work involved just attach them to a chart and get rich! There are those kind of robots but normally you get what you pay for!

  10. Hi, I have came up with a swing trading strategy of my own and have been backtestinG it for some time. It's been good so far, and all I need is a software that I could implement my trading system into. I do not need those robots with built-in systwm. What softwares do you suggest or have in mind? Tradestation and ninja trader?? Thanks

  11. Great video, thank you 🙂 It is very refreshing to see somebody willing to share experiences without the depressing amount of BS that is part and parcel of online trading. I completely agree – you 100% need to understand and trust the tools you are using. I am no expert at all but know that every trader has their own style and need to be comfortable with the profits/stops/indicators etc etc. or will drop it and run for the hills screaming scam at the first sign of trouble! Personally I would not trust anything I have not built myself from scratch.. it is sad that what you have said has washed over many of the people below and are still asking for spoon-fed solutions. Thanks for the honesty and the advice, will keep watching.

  12. You made this video to make 1k views… I love your bearish and bullish shit you just spat out for 5 min get a life and show proof because you don't want me to make you cry when I show you my real account XD!

  13. Or maybe just UPLOAD THOSE ROBOTS THAT YOU BOUGHT AND THAT WORK AND GIVE THEM TO US ? Simple, easy, solved, and take off your fucking retarded hat you are in fucking home you pice of shit 'hipster' god

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