1. Hi Andrew, Thanks for your videos, very very instructive and fun ! But concerning the expectancy isn't the right formula: = (Win Rate x Ave Win) – (Loss Rate x Ave Loss) ? Your expectancy formula is the one of the profit factor… I think…

  2. So, if you have a 50/50 win rate, and your average win is 2x superior than your average loss, that is a good strategy?? Thank you for the videos, very good source 🙂

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  4. Great Presentation. The top right does not always present the correct video in a series. I had trouble finding the related presentations so I documented the titled for future reference.

    Part One:

    – How much MONEY can you make in Forex? Is the past reliable?


    Part Two:
    – What you NEED to KNOW to tell a GOOD forex strategy from a BAD one?


    Part Three:

    – How to PROPERLY TEST a FOREX STRATEGY?! BONUS: Download FREE P/L Simulator

  5. Hi, I enjoyed your video. I am just exploring the forex market and getting information from your videos..
    Do you have any suggestions for beginners or could you direct me to a video you made to answer this question, I would appreciate it. Thank you for your videos.

  6. I see comments on how people make losses in forex. Forex is actually a platform to make gains. If you are not benefitting from it,why continue… Just stop and do something else..
    I trade consistently only because I make profit.. If I were to make losses heaven knows I would be doing something else by now. But if you still want to continue why don't you meet up with someone nearby (I mean face to face) and let the person teach you. Take classes.. Take bold steps. Just ask someone whom you are sure of for help. Instead of losing

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