1. Dude I won’t lie I’m hard to impress but this is gold your a beast , but I’m also a skeptical guy .. would I be able to be profitable if I watched all your videos ? Cause why would you give this out for free 👂🏽?

  2. hi VP your words are gold thank you not even trading just back testing and on demo account now. just love it with your help love testing the indicators really really interesting am just printing op at some ones company long horrible shift but now I see a future and its bright. Vp if I sign up to your email could u back date me feel like am behind on your golden words thank you

  3. I got a secondhand laptop a few months ago and I wish I chose something with more RAM. I used to game a lot years ago and everyone was so CPU intensive but almost everything seems RAM and GPU reliant now.

  4. VP….i am sorry, tried searching for your email or form to fill but futile…. only saw Spencer from Vegas site…. is that the one?? Please advise…tq…
    OH….. Thank you very much for everything, i just found your training videos and podcast….i wish i found it earlier…. 🙂

  5. I was sooo confused with all the strategies I've seen and heard and like you said it NEVER worked when I tried them, I was about to give up but the only way I can actually make a living, is trading and I am about to become homeless if I don't. I literally prayed to come across a strategy or just something that actually works, I haven't tried any of your indicators yet but after praying I opened you tube and said I will give it one more try and your pages opened, like I said I haven't tried your system or indicators but all the questions I had about "why" you just answered ALL of them, EVERYTHING finally makes sense, I am sooo grateful that I found you and I appreciate everything you share with people, I was soooo desperate but now I have again hope, I am so super happy that there are still people out there who are actually honest and wanting to help without actually charging an arm and a leg. I am going to learn evrything you say and watch every single video. Thank you sooo much VP

  6. Like to mention one more thing, please be grateful to this man, he spends his time to help you 4FREE..I have spend endless time to listen and read through PAID strategies, I spend many thousands of my money to buy them..not talking about the heart-ship, because I did not make money and "MY FAULT" I moved on to the next strategy and than to the next and to the next, and and and and 2 the NEXT , because I did not like to admit I was wrong nor did I like to admit I am impatient on top off it..I traded the 15Min and 5Min TF..all said

  7. This is honestly so refreshing to hear, I am starting out my forex journey, with it has come a lot of self discovery, a lot of mistakes, but I have so much determination for this, and your trading style sounds like a dream come true. I've binged your videos thus far, and plan to keep going, just thought I'd say thank you.

  8. I have the smallest laptop in the world, that fits in my pocket pants well, you need to have big pockets. And i have a dropbox account with all the custom indicators and templates saved, if i loose my mini laptop.
    @VP, you definitely brought my trading skills ten levels ahead. It's so long ago that i have listened to this podcast. I like to hear back where my trading journey began.👍🏽

  9. Enjoying your real talk about forex. Equipment!? Just go to eBay laptop and get one for under $125. OR your local pawn shop! Ask a friend to help you if your computer spec's challenged. Don't use it for games. Don't use it for Facebook.. Just forex! You system will last & not crash or get infected. You only need min 4gb of RAM and at least 259gb hard drive. Your not building a recording studio.. Your building an empire 😎

  10. VP, love your stuff. Like you have mentioned, over the last 3 years I have purchased 10-15 udemy courses, followed a bunch of "clueless mentors", and spent hours each day and night practicing……..and no consistency nor winning. After, a couple weeks going over your material I feel like "Neo, from the Matirx". Thanks for opening my eyes.

  11. Amazing video honestly this is one of the best channels I’ve seen in my life, you’re the mentor of the community not one person and that one person pays money, honestly you’re the best man 😭😭😭🤪

  12. For those with a beast desktop computer, you can trade from a tablet or phone by controlling your computer remotely. All you need is wifi or data. So if you have a desktop PC and a phone or tablet (best way is with an ipad + keyboard case imo) you can travel and do w/e and control your home PC remotely. Even with multiple monitors, you just slide back and forth between them. If you go really far like out of state/country though you may want to plan ahead and have a nice battery backup and make sure your pc has no reason for shutting down. There's probably even a way to turn it back on remotely but idk

  13. The life of a day trader is awful. The life of a day trader who can program is amazing. Everything can be automated. The hardest part is error handling. The most random errors and bugs show up out of nowhere.

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