1. Like your video! Re: GBP/AUD I also took a short position, actually 2 orders one being a 1:1 R:R and woke up to profit. When I see videos like yours with good explanation and reasons why, it helps confirm I am on the right track. I just subscribed to your channel thanks!

  2. thanks for all the analysis especially for your comment that GBPAUD is at a multi year high – my chart does not go back that far so I would not have seen that. Cheers David

  3. Hi Justin, great stuff. About USDJPY, Friday's close showed rejection at the 109.7 level. It appears this pair is in a range and there may be an opportunity to short with a stop sell order below 109.329 back down to 108.515 just above the retest zone with >2:1 R:R. Thoughts? Also have a question about your course and approach. I see pin bars and inside bars among the bars you consider. Do you look at other candle stick patterns or do you have a view about them. Finally about your chat room, do you have a secure mobile app like Ryver that is cross platform and allows for relatively easy interaction? Thanks.

  4. I just bumped into your channel via forex factory. And as I am going through your analysis, I feel some kind of excitement getting educated this way. How its making forex more interesting to me. I am newbie about 3month old km forex and I have been looking for something like this in youtube…glad I got you. Now, it is given me more idea of how the market might move or run every week. Am the kind of trader that is in love with weekly trading. I don't like trading hourly, in prefer weekly trading. Thanks a lot mehn!

  5. Excellent analysis! I follow your charts on MT4. I draw support and resistance based on the average of the minimum three candles that are touched. I know it appears excessive, but what can I say, I am a***. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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