1. Oil did not do down as a result of any technical analysis like your advocating. It dropped off the back of the corvonavirus. Without this catalyst oil was very bullish. Due to Libya outage and reduction in production from OPEC/OPEC+

  2. I religiously follow your Forecast every Week.l must give you guys Kudos for a great Job. But I take exception to the forecast for GBPUSD this week. Looking at the Daily and Weekly Charts, the Cable is on its 5th Wave. It just broke away from the Correction(Contracting Triangle) between the 3rd and 4th wave.
    I stand to be corrected.

  3. Great forecast WTW! I think you are actually much more accurate after you started including just the pairs you think are ready for the next week. Before your forecast was like 50:50 and now it`s more like 70:30 in your favour.
    Thanks you and keep up the good work.

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