1. I wanna be successful in Forex, just find a good trade and set it and forget it…..and I I wanna invest in stocks. I wanna be successful that I leave my job (which is actually really good) but I wanna travel as I please to be with my kids who live 1,500 miles away.

  2. I would like to add something to Navin saying "go to bed with forex on your mind" ok
    here is the thing, that has to be the last thing on your mind before you fall asleep then your sub
    conscious (the infinite mind or super conscious ) will take over you will be surprised what may
    come of it,

  3. may i know is the MPA suitable for all trading mode for example scalper or intraday. It seems from most video it looks like more suitable for swinger. I maybe wrong. Please advise. I would appreciate.

  4. This is so TRUE… I'm trying to quite smoking right now… and I don't think my trading will get better unless I quite smoking first…. It's totally a mental shift…

    Thanks for the get motivation….

    It's all about your mindset and if your heart is really in it… PUSH – PUSH – PUSH!!!!

  5. I wish I watched this material like 6 months ago

    Free: doing hardwork on something that u like
    – As long as the brain is split in half, u are not going anywhere
    – Why im so slow? Its about care (to do more or not), not about education.
    – responsibility brings ambitions
    – what i did today help me for what i do tomorrow.
    – lazy = procrastinate = live in now
    – why u live a little: bc u have no responsibility to care about
    – the only thing that get u anywhere is GOAL. Not hard work, smart work, integrity.
    – without a goal, u are nothing but hardworker.

  6. Hi UF team, i have some questiona
    1. I want to ask more about the Sprititual aspect that when Navin explained about it, it sound similar to the Comfort aspect
    2. What is the link between the Spiritual with the Ambition and the Comfort(when the spiritual raises or decreases based on those 2 things)?
    tks guys

  7. Thank you Navin 🙂 as always the webinar is awesome I always learn and improve not only on trading aspect but how I look at my own life keep up the great work!!

  8. i run my own small successfull business for used cars ..but i really dont enjoy it i think i enjoy trading and also i wish to make it my bread and butter, its not just trading its the whole subject as a whole that fascinate me…

  9. Hitting that comfort zone is a scary process. It feels as though you are losing the sauce that propelled you so far in the first place. A large chip on ones shoulder can also give you massive energy on a quest for redemption. I reactivated my ambition by finding purpose and wanting to help others. Putting peoples difficult situations into my own head and imagining changing that situation. Being an Angel investor or building communities, tipping that struggling guy at starbucks making expressos. Just being a light in general. One of the biggest milestones was graduating from the unhealthy view of money and actually viewing it exclusively as a freedom helping tool and no longer as something to waste on passing pleasures and egoistical gains, giving me a crystal clear respect for it and plan for it.

    small thought for anyone feeling like they lost it. Dwelling within a broken spirit is a paralysis many are trapped in.

    Cheers Y'all.

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