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based on those figures the theoretical franking credits attached should have been $0.65794887 * 0.7961 * 3 / 7 = ~$0.2245

why is the actual figure slightly higher than that? i don’t know as i don’t invest in VHY. my best guess is that at some point during the last dividend accrual period, the fund participated in some sort of off-market buyback. those are generally done at a discount to the prevailing share price, and comprised of a small capital return component plus a huge fully franked special dividend.

so the fund may have taken a small capital loss during the period, lowering the total divs paid, but they gained a lot of franking credits from the off-market buyback special div, boosting that.

if you really need to know for sure where that number is coming from, then you probably have to ask Vanguard themselves. otherwise if those are the figures they’ve quoted on the dividend statement, then that’s what you have to declare to the ATO come tax time.


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