1. Currently Watching your content on YouTube and saving money to buy your MPA COURSE.
    I already have understood a lot of new things about forex market just through watching your YouTube Content and I'm Super Excited to buy this course and start my Journey as a trader and follow your footsteps!
    Cheers Navin! Keep up the good Work.
    Can't wait to get enlisted in the course.

  2. This was so awesome having the replay and listening to these reviews again… Thanks to Navin and all at Urban Forex for being so helpful in teaching us how to understand the market… You are appreciated!!

  3. I love the Urban Forex team the most, no matter what time of day, they really do reply to your questions quick. I remember once dropping a question, and going for a toilet break. Before even returning, Lucas had already replied to it. Amazing..haha. They are so dedicated and helpful. I am going through the courses again and it is really an eye opening experience to the market. Thank you, Navin, Armand, Lucas , Sergio and the UF Team.

  4. i was navins student too but i got no good answers and quit urban forex went to forex and made my first dollars in there i was a super hard student and its not working at all now i have 7 out of 7 trades and 10 out of 10 + over 50 -100 pips some times 200 pips forexia is awsome Navin you completely disappointed me compleatly sorry but its the truth

  5. Dear Urban Forex, what is the difference between MPA Course and uploaded Youtube Video, I learn a lot from urban forex video on youtube channel and I'm curious about MPA Course, but I afraid there is not significant difference..

  6. Haaaaaa. . . . While I was watching this video and the video records of my fellow students, I felt a glow inside me; I turned to my partner sitting next to me and said to her. . . .''WHAT NAVIN HAVE BEEN SAYING ABOUT URBAN FOREX, IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS''. . . I want to thank Urban Forex team for their great efforts. Thank you Urban Forex. . . . .

  7. course is very gud and navin explains everything logically but hard work and dedication is required if u can't do tht then no forex course in the world can help u to become a successful trader

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