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  2. I am working on this Indicator in 1hr TF and along with a Baseline. I went deep into it and I got three good ways to get an entry signal. my tp and sl are at 1 atr, I am still working on how to ride trends with this indicator. also, great one to give a nice signal for divergences and convergences.
    thank you Sir…

  3. Interesting .. I typically use MACD, and (attempt) to time entry/exit when the MACD turns horizontal/flattens on the 15 minute chart… which can be hard to judge. When I compare the MACD with the Awesome Oscillator the changes from green to red and visa-versa align nicely with the flattening of the MACD just before turning up (close short/go long) or down (close long/go short). I will definitely have both on my screen next week… many thanks

  4. My strategy would just be to buy as soon as you see a green bar on the AO that is longer then the previous one and sell when you see a red bar that is longer them the previous one but then I'd probably lose a lot of money

  5. When you see two different colored bars in AO (One long and one short) followed by different colored bar that is shorter, it usually shows that the current trend would continue

  6. seems as if, just by watching this screen( never used this BTW) you can find a resistance at the tops of the "hills" above the zero line… every time the hill double tops at that line, go short. my two cents anyway.

  7. I use this one every day combined whit heiken ashi candles work perfect ,I match the color candle +oscillator ,in 4hr chart wait for candle and oscillator match color,zoom in to 1hr chart and wait for retracement , enter when candle in 1 hr match color whit 4 he candle and oscillator, work best in hight volatility pairs ,my choice EUR/NZD , exit trade near resistance or support ,don't use Heiken-ashi for exit ,Will eat a lot of your profit before change color, thanks for your videos I believe you are the most genuine and honest trader posting videos in you tube,thanks

  8. use the awesome oscillator with bollingerbands set at -.382 & .382. when awesome is bullish and bar closes above top band that is a tigger signal to take trade when the next bar breaks above trigger bar high and or close.

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