1. Double top double bottom, head and 4 shoulders, magic mike indicator, Hot tea pot formation, bill gates dab pattern, the bullshit indicator pattern, fibonacci unicorn cereal and mac n cheese. Its all bullshit

  2. A newbie….
    Can I get some software with forex charts that seem live that I can use for back testing?
    As in run the trade with my strategies as if it were live, see its performance and if my strategies don't work out, come back again, try another strategy etc, till I find one that works.
    Is that possible?

  3. hi…I am new to trading. I would like to know how does a forex trader determine which broker to use to trade??? with so many out there and so many features and options each broker offers as a newbie the choices are challenging. I would appreciate any help and guidance you can give. I have been watching and learning from the trading channel for a few months now and my wife says it is time I jump in with both feet. Thank you for the great training and any guidance you can give.

  4. Thank you Steven for this video. You have made a sensational instructional video. Everything considered, I like your channel. I also assume that we will get more recordings from you. I'm trading with FXPM where I get assistance from my personal account manager concerning trading.

  5. thank you Steven for this informative video…quick question. I am a new trader currently practicing on a demo account and trying to figure out the nuances of the market and tech analysis. Would it be out of the ordinary to have multiple training strategies? this clearly would be very labor intensive but just from my short time analysing charts etc and ofcourse it may just be that eyes are not trained well enough yet BUT it is my thought that patterns are relatively uncommon and with certain rules in place I'd feel that it be difficult to ever enter into a trade because of strict criteria and only one strategy to rely on..not the patterns and rules that you use in this video being uncommon necessarily just generally speaking…or do they occur more then I think? sorry for the lengthy comment.

  6. Great video. Just got to know you and your videos and you are a great teacher. Just wanted to know if you manually backtest or have a software you would recommend. Thanks again for the great video

  7. this is a really good video and even though I have been through a lot of trading education, both self and commercial, I felt i have learned a number of things from this video. Perhaps with the technique your describing; getting back to basics is the way to adjust my trading for much beter returns. Even though i never do it, i will hit subscribe like and share. thanks!

  8. Stevan- once again a nice video. You are pointing a way to me. I "know" so many strategies but never ever tested them. So this was a nice tutorial-simple as it was- to test any such theory. And once it has a good past history, it can become a real strategy..Keep up the good work.

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