1. I been demo trading for the last year and I finally going to start live trading this week with 200 $ and I don’t have a job so I will make this work .. thank you. For all the great content you put out …

  2. Hi Andrew, can you post some videos of you actually finding the trades, then placing your entries, then closing the trades … the full process but without the real time trade running to completion. Its not that clear following an explanation describing what you did and much easier to see it in action. Thanks.

  3. Hey Andrew thanks for sharing and explaining where you can. I’m trying to learn this new skill on a demo account then will move to a small account like this to get used to the psychology of dealing with money before opening a sizable account; resources like yours are helping me get up that learning curve.

  4. Love it Andrew thanks. Amazing profit for such a small account. I would love you to host a live trading room where we can see you analysing the charts and placing your trades in real time and follow along. Love your trading channel, thanks 🙏

  5. you are so, so funny n sincere. Plz can you do a tutorial on how to start for the very beginners like me how to open an account….what is next.Literally the abc many thanks.

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