1. Hi, one question…leverage must be a factor here, right? what's the account size and leverage?. To be able to increase 200% (or 100%, it doesn't matter) your account a number of lots are needed to be traded until all trades get closed… margin requirements are max out for the trades, that I understand but it all depends on leverage and account size to pull this off… right? can you explain a bit more about that? thanks!

  2. Hi, Alex. Thanks for sharing such a great video. I have one question that what is your broker time with GMT, so I can see the that exactly what time will be best to trade in my country. And please give some idea about best times to trade these trades.

  3. Thanks for showing me a new trick! … No not the triple in a day trade … the mt4 trick of dragging a trade from history window onto chart to see the details … very useful … more tricks like this please :=).

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