1. This is the most helpful video on YouTube for TradingView and TradingView is the best analyst software for all markets. Why doesn’t this video have more views? Kudos to the creator, he did a fantastic job and taught me things I didn’t know despite having used TradingView for a few weeks. I’m def subscribing to this channel. Hope he puts out more great stuff like this

  2. Anyone out there in YT land know if it's possible to 'toggle' between charts on a saved, multi-chart layout? I keep having to go up to the 'select layout' button and select 6 charts, then maximise a single chart from there. I want to have 1 of my 6 charts open and toggle between the charts in my layout, but always keep the chart maximised

  3. How do you hedge on Tradingview? When I program a strategy to long and short, they seem to interfere with each other or cancel each other out. I want to be able to long and short using only 5% of my funds and be in several trades while others are being executed and closed, without any trades interfering with each other. Anyone know how to do this?

  4. I am green but curious… can you can you buy with a stop loss and sell at market so it doesn't limit your profit if the trade goes your way? Good video!!

  5. Sadly, I have used tradingview and found it is utterly unreliable – it will lose all your saved work and drawings, the data will disappear from the charts and they DO NOT answer any customer help request, despite promising to on their website. Tradingview is a really bad product still…. Definitely don't pay for it EVER!

  6. I have a serious problem, and I have to resolve it in a very short time. I will consider any help invaluable. I want to know the number of times a cryptocurrency increased by (x) percent in the past year. Anyone has an idea?

  7. Thanks for the video. One thing i wanted to ask that if i draw support/resistance lines and i close the chart. I open it next time then will those lines be there or disappear?? Do i need to save the chart for those lines?? I tried to to save the chart, it is not alling me to save more than 10 stocks. I don't need any indicator to be saved i only need those lines. Please tell me how to go about that.

  8. I'm so apprecieate concise and clear vid of useful features. last feature needs 3rd pro pro acount, down arrow not on pro.
    I'll share! I benefited using with my multi chart verifying confirmations from "flopping groper" analysis that is working for me with your help in tra view!

  9. How to compare 2 pairs with regular price scale? When I add a pair to compare, it autmatically changes to % scale and if I want to change the scale back to regular, because of a divergence of prices charts are far away from each other and totally flat…

  10. Hi, I can't see the cursor after clicking on any of the drawing tools. Also in normal conditions I can see the cursor as long as I keep the mouse pressed. If I release the cursor disappears. It use to work fine few days ago. But now i am having this issue. Kindly tell me what I can do to solve this. Please..

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