1. Awesome 😍 Can daily gainers or losers help in correlation for example if Eur is a daily gainer across all curreny pair, can we imply it as stronger currency?

  2. While you were explaining the second strategy here I got a little bit confused.
    When you opened all six charts of AUD to determine it's strength/direction, were those charts on the 15 minute or daily time frame?
    The background was all white and I could barely see the time frame on your screen.

  3. Question ,based on 1st strategy : what if I identify a neutral pair but how ever the neutral pair is also weak from the daily but on 4H the pair is neutral do I also use such pair ?

  4. Lets say the USD groups are weak in the 60min tf and strong on the 15min tf. Tht could mean its a pullback for the 60min tf. But based on this video, if i trade the 15min tf, i shld pair it with a weak currency on the daily. But would it be contradictory since the 60min usd group is also weak?

  5. Hi UF,
    If my TTF is 4hr and BBTF Daily… Do I use a powerful/weakest currency accompanied with a neutral pair on Daily(BBTF)? Or a powerful/weakest currency on Daily(BBTF) , accompanied with a 4hr(TTF) neutral currency?

  6. You will be a great father to your kids one day. I do not know if you have any kids right now. But every time I listen to you, I think how blessed your kids will be.

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