1. FXCM & Oanda are good forex brokers… I do well trading forex. I'm not a millionaire but I will be. I also trade options. I do agree on scammers in forex but all trading asset classes have scammers. Anything can be a scam. People just try to cut corners like dumbasses which is why they get scammed with shit "gurus" and shit "brokers". All those MLM trading things are shit as well. Everybody tries to complicate trading when it just going to go up or down. Look for buyers then buy on retracements; look for sellers sell on retracements. BOOM! I saved someone $40 on a book and hours reading it. You can also trade forex via options with futures contracts so there's always money to be made. All do respect bro. I see your point but don't let the fact that you are successful options trader deter others from other asset classes. I have mentors as well who trade all assets some only one but there are definitely millionaires who trade forex. I'm 24. I'm not a multi-millionaire yet but I will be before 26.


    Forex is small…..just compare futures exchanges……lit (sp on lit) markets show where the volume is. BUT FOREX IS 24 HOURS that alone makes it a wonderful market to learn on! Sorry cannot keep watching the clips, gotta go and rest.

  3. I understand your point and that's why I have a local broker here in the US NFA registered. Making a living, enjoying my time and no debts because of Forex. I do agree on these "gurus" who've hijacked this like Reza and have made a joke out of the industry but I avoided scam artists like Reza and have never looked back.

  4. do you trade options in your chatroom?
    also how do you do it, is it like live audio and your screen sharing or you give alerts?
    and do you actually build up watch lists and help with picks for beginners ?

  5. I absolutely agree with you Josh. One of my relatives used to be a fund manager back in the 90s, got to talk to him about Forex and commodities. He trades his own money through several corporations on the inter bank market. He puts on a major trade on every 3-4 months.Overall, he tries to not trade the Forex market at all unless there is some major geopolitical event etc..Stuff he told me about the real Forex market (not retail) blew my mind. He told me to stick to real estate and stocks and to try to start my own company and not trade Forex unless you have a high net worth and are able to get to and trade on the inter bank level. Guys don't fall for all this MLM Forex Oceanspray, IML BS… use that money to buy some books on politics, geopolitics, banking and finance, investing books like Intelligent Investor, Richest Man in Babylon etc.. some of the best books I have read and educate yourselves. Thanks for the vid Josh! Will you do a video on Ecommerce soon? Thanks

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