1. I feel this is my calling because I used to gamble, players with stocks as well as taken some accounting & economics class.

    Im living in the videos & readings. I used to be in IT for the money. I like this stuff. Im. It not asking favors but you're giving me direction & structure as I've weeded out the scammers & the fakes. My knowledge of Casino house rules theory & your video about big banks is what first pointed me in your direction. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THE FREE KNOWLEDGE BECAUSE IM DOWN TO MY LAST & FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION SO I WILL DO EXACTLY AS YOU INSTRUCT. I had went through a deep depression.

    My only question is you're the 1% so why aren't you charging? What are you getting out of this? You're a blessing! I'm going for it!

  2. It took me 5 days to complete the fundamentals class while also browsing different videos. I'll take the rest of the class as well.

    I also now know about your site as well. I cant wait for the brokers video. I'm going to decide soon so I can start practicing with demos simultaneously while studying under you.

    Everything you're preaching from indicators to big banks to the dirty dozen & your mental just makes so much sense to me. After a few days of browsing different videos you've won me over the 99% & the scammers. I'm looking forward to this journey. I'll definitely keep you posted

  3. Heya VP! Fairly new to the channel. Enjoying all the learning material, thanks a lot for that! Bumped into this beginners video after a while which gave me a map as to how i should go through with the videos. I just finished podcasts and core concepts 2-6 as you had mentioned. But i just realized the video is of a year ago, would you recommend going further with the same topic lineup as you had mentioned in this video or would you recommend a different route. I’d love to know, thanks a lot for all the work you put in!

  4. Iv been trading FOREX for 2 years now, Finally at the point where im leaving my job as an engineer. Best advice I could give is DO NOT GO LIVE, Stick to your DEMO until you have a strategy which works. Have a long term mindset and compound your account. project it over a year or so and meet those daily goals. Greed will make or break you in this game, I wish everyone the BEST OF LUCK !!

  5. Hi VP, I decide to learn Forex trading and started few days ago. I must say that you saved my life as i was to jump into the kind of trap to become a loosing trader. I love the way you present the things and the 80/20 approach, which is my way of doing the things. I will follow carefully the plan mentionned in the first video ( spends my last 5 days on it already…) i know you are a traveler so when you come to France, Near Lyon, I will have to offer you a beer, and a good meal to thank for the money you made me save… i'll tell you the full story when you'll come over ;). take care. rgds

  6. Prime example of how knowing what you're talking about will get you paid big time. I'm not knocking this guys channel, obviously an authority. Just saying, he's SO intelligent. He knows how to trade and now he's getting paid to teach it

  7. how to know if its not fake?
    – when there is "there is no short-cut. It will be slow" or something like that.
    – when there "you gonna do a lot of work by your self. I am here just to ease it up. However, i will tell you the steps."

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