1. During back testing my volume indicator mostly kept me out of of this time period. But when it did allow me to get in trades there were very minimal losses. I believe this is because I trade on the 4H chart due to my prop firm of choice requiring trades to be closed before the weekend. However, I actually like this style of trading better. I do have to put in 5x the amount of work compared to trading on the daily chart, since i check my indicators at every 4hr increment except for 4am (12pm, 4pm, 8pm, etc), but it is worth it since it seems like I only have to worry about what my algo says and no external factors like overall market "deadness". My volume indicator keeps me out of flat markets on the 4H chart quite well though. Any thoughts, comments, critiques, insults would be highly appreciated for my learning lol.

    And as an aside: Thank you VP for changing my forex journey. I've found every bit of advanced forex information that i could ever need on your channel and it was all free. This channel alone could be worth 10k. You're a godsend dude!!!!

  2. 1. Yes we shouldn't get into that kind of situation but life does have a way of taking a metaphorical "fuck you candle" and just beating the living piss out of you then all your earned pips go to fucking medical bills and maybe a therapist.
    2. Again I'm glad I'm watching all your content. I've been wondering how beneficial scaling out really is right now. 50 pips in a day take half off and then wait 4 months for another 200. Doesn't add up.
    3. As someones who's relatively new here…..trying to stick to that rule you mentioned we can break in the blog has been very difficult at least I know I'm not crazy. However I feel like it destroys my risk management. 2% riding on 15 pips…….yikes.

  3. I can already say it without reading the blog… TRADE SMALLER TIME FRAMES!!!… Pretty logical… once you're stuck with little or no movement on a chart, every pro knows you have to zoom in with smaller time frames to get action…

  4. Hi VP, I noticed that $EVZ has been below 8 since Jan 2019 till now (Oct 2019). Does that mean we do not enter any trades for these 9 months until it goes above 8 consistently?

  5. Another homerun! I'm still binging on the videos for the second time. I've been through the pods once. I can't wait to start the blog and take more complete, organized notes.
    I am also investigating volume indicators. Seems to me that people use them as an entry ( i.e. buy/sell indicator) and not as a trend or volume indicator. I'm still trying to rap my head around the concept. I do understand that it should be a zero cross indic. that stays below the line when the volume or volitility is low and the price is choppy. VP thanks again for giving the world your algo. and all the incredible incites.
    " That is all the people need to know! "

  6. if rates are lowered even below zero like the president wants.. that is stock market positive but does the big money not realize that lower rates (below zero) is the most obvious sign that the economy is in deep water? … president wants rates under zero… paying the banks to hold our money WFT …. I wonder how this will impact our markets. ..

  7. vix now using 6 as support. we might be looking at the return of volume and the best volume we have seen in years. with trade war in the mix and possible currency war; and an inverted yield curve. Big money might be running back to us!

  8. Similar to your trading style, I trade a combo of the daily and 4 hr multi time frames. And I have to admit that 'forex trading is sometimes boring, but in a good way'! Through my trading journey (almost 7 yrs now) the more bored I get, the more successful I am getting. Sincere compliments to you for being so honest and brutal. My going along with the daily TF was largely due to your blunt advice.

  9. hello there VP and every body
    it seems to me that you are dissecting the fx of the holy grail
    and you are getting closer and closer.I hope some day in your
    lucid dream your super conches' will give you the perfect answer
    God bless you my man

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