1. Great video, and all novice traders should watch all your videos before
    venturing out into the stock market. I know I have learned a lot of basic
    important principals by watching your videos. Learn from other people's
    success, and not failures. You have to maximize your percentages of
    winning. Great video here Adam — you play the percentages, and you don't
    have to be right all the time– but if your right 60 % , you will make money
    on your 2 for 1 philosophy.

  2. This is one of the best YouTube channels for learning the basics on how to trade. If it comes clearer than this, I haven't seen it yet.

    Thanks Mr Khoo,

  3. At 21:07 this would be a good time to have the Bolllinger Bands.  I set my band at 2.2 standard deviation just to be extra safe.  If the candles go beyond those bands, be extremely careful, it's about to snap back.  Large candles that go straight up (or down) can be deadly.

  4. Thank you very much for the video presentation that I found easy to understand. I am a newbie to trading.
    May I know your suggestions for any leading technical indicators to identify stocks with breakouts at the earliest please?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Adam, this lesson's content is gold. Thank you for all your detailed explanation. I've watched it three times already, and pick up something new every time. Outstanding! GT Sipe

  6. I planned to get a mentor for my stock trading strategy..Upon watching your video I feel 80% completed and prepared for stockmarket..thanks I save a lot for all of your videos!

  7. You showed very strict rules how to trade breakouts. How do you search for this opportunities, particularly how do you search for 'entry 1' and 'entry 2'? Do yo using some kind of scanning engine and distinguish between search results for 'entry 1' and 'entry 2'? Are you find trading opportunities based on visual examination of charts? I saw a lot of breakout strategies (beside others). Based on my experience it is very important how to find and ability to find trading opportunities. If somebody can not find them, strategy is futile and it can not be used in real trading life. You are using or prefer 'entry 1' . I prefer 'entry 2' (at list brief correction or retracement after breakout). It is low risk entry but sometimes is not available (as you mentioned). I watched mostly all of your videos and made thorough notes for each of them. Thank you for your work and sharing your knowledge and experience.

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