1. ok, but if you make 100 1$ bets and 50 of them you make $2 and the other 50 you lose, you don't win anything you just stay on a flat $100 at the end. if you win 60% you make $20 because you lose 40 and you started on 100 but you win 120. so you really need more than a 50% win rate

  2. Everyone with simple maths ability could talk through this shit. It has NOTHING to do with finding and keeping an edge in trading. Many people do not think roulette gives you a 50/50 chance. This is for dumb people. Also you forgot to factor in people betting on o and oo not to mention more complex bets. Yes the house always has an edge. Not in the way you say though.

  3. Excellent explanation, mate. I knew all this, but sometimes it is good to hear it again with really simple words. p.s. Seriously, invest in a white board 😉

  4. Uh!! Adam explains it so well! I understood every single thing he said, but it’s much harder to apply. Great video Mr. Khoo

  5. It sounds really nice because mathematically you can make a lot of money but unfortunately the world don't work as perfectly as Maths. And this is actually a loosing strategy. It doesn't take into account Trade fees, manipulations, volatility and etc. So this strategy won't make you money in fact it may make you lose money

  6. Excellent video, and absolutely true! Wish I knew this when I started 10 years ago. But unfortunately one have to be mentally prepared aswell to understand but more importantly actually accepting this. If you combine this with proper money management and forget about money and focus on percentages and stop trying to become rich overnight but see it as a 5 year plan you are 80% there. And VERY IMPORTANT that one need to focus way more on your physiological state while trading than anything else. Your attitude while winning vs your attitude while losing. Once you apply his method successfully one have to become emotionless. And then finally focus 100% on consistency. The takeaway of this video is that there is no magic strategy that's going to make you rich but to shift your mind from finding a winning strategy to probability and an edge.

  7. Love how straight forward u explain this simple yet hard to maintain stradegy. Still people need to know you can only trade your entertainment money, Not your survival money because there is a 90% chance u will loose..!

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