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  2. fking draw the lines where the candle closed. i see tons of FX utuber who doesnt follow simple shit and teach wrong. rewatch the video guys and draw the lines on where the exit is on candle closed and see how dumb this is…

  3. Sasan- can u put video showing one consolidated indicator for both entry n exit.. We're v can follow regular.. Too many indicator confused sometime. Thanks

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  5. You are a fool – you can't explain shit – and you don't know how to test- Please stop miss informing people. The only smart thing you said was that Hakenashi was not a good Entry indicator. I don't mean to hate, but you cant rely on indicator data like this. You have to back test way back. I can show you 100 indicators that will to amazing on that part of that chart, but you have no consistency.

  6. Unfortunately with the Heiken Ashi I see it will often turn red in the middle of an uptrend, where the price stalled for a bit but then continued going up which would make you exit much earlier than what you should have. Perhaps it's just some instances where the Heiken Ashi indicator might not always work, but it appears to be a very promising indicator

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