1. Thanx so much my mentor Karen, for ur time & free knowledge , skills u give us especially to our academy here Kampala (Uganda)
    We love u so much.
    I usually see u taking tea as u train,
    may be one day I'll send u African tea and u enjoy it too!!. Actually, it's
    taste than the rest of world.
    Karen, God bless u abundantly.

  2. Thanks Karen, I love your coaching because you are so real about what you teach, I want to know what it entails to join your mentorship program, although am not going into life trading yet, but I want to be groom before going into life trading, thanks

  3. I agree completely. Thanks so much for sharing. I made $14,000 in two days as a beginning forex trader in 2017 but lost it all in a few days making bad trading decisions. I’m so glad I lost it. It helped me learn so much about trading. I am so so much more successful today in 2018 and continue to grow and learn daily. Take care everyone.

  4. Karen, I really enjoy your videos! you make me smile and laugh at your presentations and your accent. (It's so cute, not meaning in a bad way at all)
    I would have to say that my best advice that I've received is a simple quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: A Man becomes what he thinks about most of the time.
    So, In perspective of trading, if you are constantly thinking about how NOT to lose a trade, what is the result?
    You lost the trade.
    Mindset is vitally important and I love how you really emphasize this in your videos. the key to trading is your mindset. Keep up the great work. I really enjoy all the quirkiness of your vibrant personality!

  5. great video Karen !!! i'm a new subscriber and already respect and appreciate your insight into motivation, inspiration and risk in forex. I couldn't help laughing though at the part you said, " anyone that says they are trading with a 100% win rate system shouldn't be trading, they should be running the UNIVERSE " LOL thanks for the awesome video keep them coming

  6. GA karen I've been following your Youtube videos and trying to apply as much of your strategy as possible. Im new to Forex trading and still in my Oanda demo account. Ive recently just started going hard with my Forex training and developing my skills. Losing $$ in my trades as expected and trying to learn from my mistakes is the hardest part and even though its my demo account I'm trying to keep emotions out of my trades. Looking for viable mentors in this Forex game like you and just want to be successful at it. I'm 48 yrs old and tired of doing my mundane and no where job. I see being an entrepreneur and learning this skill will help me to finally gain control of my own destiny. I know its not easy but I believe in myself to get it done.

  7. I'm using a demo account now. I think I have a talent in forex trading. I have 3 open trades now and in less than a minute, all of them are losing! I guess my trading system will be to trade against the direction of what I want to trade. Easy money here.

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