1. I was succeed at third try…..That means in the first 2 round of 25 try of my strategy I was impatient and I didn't follow the strategy and faild 4 times. But with time I learned what time I trade and when to enter. Thank you for the advice it's so worth to do it.

  2. Forex is a very large investment market in the world. Broker play most vital role in the forex market. Therefore, in the absence of any intermediate broker, it is impossible to trade with the currency of this market. Without a broker, you can't keep up with the current process. So, I chose a regulated and licensed broker called AAFX as my trading partner to help.

  3. A tough challenge for us newbies. I have a hard time trying to find charts on which to apply my strategy, even with filters and scanners. (Tradeview) Novice eyes, I suppose. 15 trades in and 4 exited in the profit zone and it's still fascinating. Even if I never lay real money down I feel l am more in tune with the world than I was at the start.

  4. It is 100% about patience , preserving and focus , too many people generally don’t have either, they want things NOW . I’ve been in trading 12 months , been using a demo account so not made a penny. However I have a wealth of knowledge and now have my first funded account which I can apply it to.

  5. Hi Drew. Great video and lesson as always. Anyway I think don't have a clue or can't see the picture of the subject matter.. when people say or talk about having a rules when trading. Could you and would you mind to share few or some of your rules that you imply when you trade? Perhaps do a simple short video about your trading rules so that I and everyone else can clearly understand what kind of and example of the rules you are talking about. Tqvm! 🙂

  6. I've done this because your video that teach me about Circle of Doom has gave me inspiration and it made me a better Trader with a good discipline of my Trade Rules.
    And also I found my Holy grail shortly after watching your video. So inspiring.

  7. I wish I watched all of your videos first and then start to trade. amazing videos ……I started trading maybe less than 2 weeks ago and now lost 1550 $ and apparently Game over for me(possibly in my relationship too). a year ago, couple months after I got married and everything was just fine for me, Lost 30000 $ almost all I have at Stockmarket in my own country after the USA put back sanction on Iran. It was crucial for me and I felt devastated back then but My wife was there and I realised she is all that I want . was a tough year I managed to pay the credit back to bank somehow but something changed a month ago and I was Afraid to lose her so I took a Risk to rich 10K $ capital to be able to make 1K monthly. but I lost 1300 $ at poker which I taught I was good at 50 $ buy-in (26 buy-ins) did not work out after that I used the last money on the visa card which I and my wife saving money (1550 $ ) and lost all of that in several positions in 2 weeks. I don't know how to tell her …My life trend going down and the percentage of losing her going to increase when she finds out. I never used her money to give my debt befoure Never ever but this time I used it without telling her……I think I will be a good trader with disipline but I dont care anymore if I loose her . I wish I started with your videos ….when I lost 30k year ago was easier beacuse My wife was with me but now losting 1.5 k it is much harder when I took risk without telling her to make her happier but maybe the resualt will be losing her

  8. my friend bought a new truck few weeks ago. I asked her of her secret and she told me her secret, she has been trading with Mr Robert Hayes. I got his contact email roberthayesinc@gmail. com and i invested with him the sum of $8,000 and i made a profit of $49,050 in a week.

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