1. Nice work you are a great teacher and we appreciate the insight.

    Question…what time frames do you typically use when utilizing the TAE framework? Do you use multiple time frames ? Thanks

  2. What im intrested in is how you caculate whether the investment you make on a single trade is going to go up at any point and sustain that trend for the duration of your investment before you place that buy ? I hope my terminoligy is correct.

  3. Rayner you're a beast bro. Best beginner video I've ever seen. I understand everything you said. No other course compares to this. I learned more in this 38 mins than I did in months of reading books and watching other videos. Subscribed from South Africa.

  4. very good descrition of candlestick patterns. i am a fairly new trader and wanted to understand what the candlestick patterns are.. Thanks for posting this video.

  5. Hi Rayner, I wish I stumbled on this earlier. I've been looking for tutorials on candlestick trading to start me off without much success. Man!!! This is a Grand Tutorial. Seriously "Thank you So Much!". Just collapsed so many hours of reading! You are the Guy!

  6. Ive subscribe and download the book … u da best teacher ever…so clear and i understand everything thk u very much!!! all for free!!!! U r the gift that keeps on giving

  7. Very good video. I was looking at one minute candles and the nice mountain range they had created, i switched to one hour and there was a nice uptrend. The forest for the trees.

  8. Wow this is very good content. There is a lot of garbage on YouTube about trading strategies. I took notes and plan to download your two guides after I watch some more of you first. Already liked and subscribed!

  9. This right here is the content that is simplified and digestible. This is probably the best video I've seen regarding candlestick patterns on youtube! Very helpful and concise. I appreciate it. Definitely liked and subscribed.

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