1. I came across your channel 2 days ago, and I can't stop watching your videos, and this one was particularly brilliant. You have a gift for breaking complext things down to very simply principles and rules , and teaching them with a very patient, user-friendly approach. My hat's off to you!!! Please keep those videos coming, learning so much!

    By the way, in one of the previous comments below a subscriber asked you about a crypto trading strategy, and you responded that you're currently backtesting a Bitcoin trading strategy. Do you have any updates on that?

  2. Through testing and experimenting, I've found that closing half of your position at a 1:1RR and moving your stop to break even will net you more winning trades

  3. Good explanation. Thanks. I do have questions regarding how you chose (some) entries that were well beyond initial PSAR reversal, and had been either over or under cloud, for a few bars. Prime example was sell @ 9:58 of video. Price had cleared the cloud 4 bars earlier. Why not take that trade sooner? Thanks

  4. Thank you Sir for all your great content and good explanations on all indicators. You are helping many people to become better traders. Keep up the good work

  5. Hola ante todo gracias por compartir tus conocimientos, ¿ Soy español y necesitaría que le pusieras subtitulos a este video aunque sean en ingles para poder traducirlo, en los demas hasta ahora no he tenido problemas al traducir los subtitulos que estan en ingles, si lo pos pusieras en español también seria ideal.
    A propósito magníficos videos.

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  7. Love your Tutorials. Just wanted to ask, is there any indicator which is not a Lagging Indicator ? according to you what is the best indicator or tool to use for swing or day trading ? any secret indicator which we don't know yet ?

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