1. The top 5 we recommend are primarily concerned with the activities of the major central banks. Central banks control monetary policy, affect inflation and employment and set interest rates.
    Private banks are not mentioned like Citigroup,UBS,Deutsche Bank etc
    THEY are the ones who buy and sell ,acting as the global broker in the interbank market.

  2. it seems to me to be able to trade forex you need to invest thousands in a trade, someone new is it worth it to invest a small a mount , lets say 200, any suggestions. by the way great information, is there set days the banks have there meetings

  3. I really like the EUR/CHF. It just seems to fit my style. I know it's a cross since I live in the states, and spreads are a bit wider. But this pair is not whippy and seems to adhere to technicals in a way that works for me. I guess it is about finding what pair you are comfortable with and that fits your style of trading. Also, depending on your account, this pair gives a nice margin to work with.

  4. Trade is a job that requires perseverance, effort and realistic goals that lead to successful results of great fruit, as did Paul Tudor Jones, Bill Lipschutz, Michael Marcus, Fernando Martínez Gómez Tejedor, George Soros, James Simon and Ken Griffin, becoming the best in the world.

  5. Hi. your video just made me realize something very important: I was quoting the wrong pair to either be strong or become weaker. So, for example, if it was the EUR/USD I was trading with, I would predict that the USD would either strengthen or weaken against the EURO, and that would determine if I would go long or short on that particular pair; but, I knew something was amiss with how I was quoting pairs – and in your video, it has cleared my suspicions!

    Please correct me if I am wrong, however: I am relatively new to the Forex market, and I would truly like to develop good habits off the go?


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