1. Do a video on bybit. How many people who used your referral link got liquidated and how much did you profit from it? Youre supposed to be the good guy in crypto exposing scams so a bit of transparency would be nice.

  2. Chico predicted this weeks before it happened. Binance IEOs boys, a money grab. Go go buy harmony or any other donkeycoin you guys promoted.

  3. CZ like a boss wrecking kids for fun. Eat his shorts boys. Btw That Martini guy, do I have a bad memory or you used to shill this shitcoin. Shit didn't go quite well😂 Boss CZ wrecked everyone haha

  4. MATIC's price simply dropped because of panic selling. ALGO is trying to prevent this type of situation from happening in the future by rewarding long term holders. The vesting extension to 5 years is optimal for holders, this is a true step in building a proper token community.

  5. Manipulation is becoming the norm in Crypto – where the Market is the Whales' puppet – every time this happens we lose more and more investors. Learning to become a Vulture may be the best strategy – after the Whales' feast.

  6. Auto-MATIC, up from .014 on Nov 22 all the way to .042 on Dec 6th.
    That's well over 200% in just over 2 weeks, then a 70+% sell off & every1 wonders why?
    & once it hits Binance, where it goes, nobody knows, oh, wait, let me guess, CZ's cold wallet?
    Kind regardz2all…

  7. Love the research you put into your videos but what a fashion disaster today witht that hat, like a condom on your head. Keep up the good work and listen to your misses when she tells you not to wear that hat in future 🙂

  8. mate why am i wasting my time listening Matric shit token i don't care about that runs on the Etherium shitcoin. obviously Etherium will eventually goto zero kind of pointless . man i like you bud and i don't know the direction your taking your channel i hope it works out for you

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