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  2. you are the only one honest and the most genuine trader i have seen till now.
    Accepting the fact that every trader has to face drawdowns and period of continous losses we have to had discipline and trading is no holygrail but if you can master these 5 principles you will difinitely be successful one day.
    Thanks you Steven.

  3. I discovered you about a week ago and have been watching your channel constantly and the way to analyse/interpret graphs then explain it is amazing. Definitely you have helped me to improve.

  4. Hi Steve as usual great content on your videos. Steve is there anyway that I can get your spread sheet track record? I am not interested on the spread sheet but in your data. I have a money management system and I would like to input your data to see what it produces. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for the info if it is necessary or I can share the results with you if you would like. Thanks and keep doing such a great job.

  5. Hey Steven been following you for a while now. Its truely remarkable what you've made me achieve this far. I can't even comprehend. Your process in analysing the markets are awesome. You stick to the rules and as i well know emotions are the biggest obstacle to new traders and throughout the winning and loosing trades my mind is clear. Good work and looking forward to joining the EAP. Absolutely stunning

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