1. All these video are ok, but who in his mind sits infront of a computer and waits for the support, candle pattern etc. Then you go to the shop, and BOOM you mist it. There must be an easier way

  2. I have been watching videos about trading for so long and every day someone speaks about more indicators or a new strategy to use. i am tired from all this !!!!! i just want someone to grab my hand ( figure of speech ) and show me one step at a time ( i am confused as hell ! ) how to start, how to set up and how to trade. if someone here is genuine please email me at jabeer9@gmail.com. thank you all !

  3. how can I get this different green, red, end yellow timeframe chart…?
    or how can I set it in my laptop…?
    if I need to make this type of chart then how can I make it….?

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