1. Hi Yordan and Vlad. First of all, thank you for this trading system. It combines regular divergence with forex Scorpio entry (above C). I´ve been using Donchian channels and it's incredible how they match the C point of entry. Cheers.

  2. Thank you Yordan, Fantastuc presentation, I very much appreciate it. I love to backtest on your Matryoshka priciplem. However, I do not know your
    setting on the MACD. Would you mind to share the setting with us? 🙂

  3. Dear Yordon – Thank you for sharing a very nice strategy. Do you use automated process of alerting for divergence from higher to lower TF? Or do you perform this analysis manually? I use similar MTF strategy when trend trading as opposed to finding reversals. But, I use a slightly different strategy for trading reversals.

  4. I would like to contribute a little with a conservative view on TP & SL setting by looking at the MACD: Bullish target should be the highest P on the last PNP (draw vertical line from oscillator to the price) while SL should be set on lowest point of the N. If the value of N is bigger than the highest P (that means less than 1:1 R/R then do not trade. Vice versa for bearish trades. These all observed on the TF you execute the trade. What do you think?

  5. Hello Yordan, Amazing , amazing informative, clear, and 1000000000% useful strategy especially for us working with divergence and cycles, also for others traders. Thank you very much for this webinar, for your spent time and this magnificent strategy. Ivana and Vladimir

  6. On the "road map chart" you say when a higher time frame is invalidated, you move down to the next lower time frame, correct? Then why in your example when the H1 time frame was invalidated did you move down to the M15 timeframe and not the M30 timeframe? Isn't M30 the next timeframe down from H1?

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