1. Trade a couple of pairs with moderate (20-30 pip) stops until you’re on the correct end of the trend and then hold long term, losing the first trade or two is good, it gives you direction…the mindset is to cut small losses as quick as possible and hold correctly long term on the Daily for the big profits. Do not lose and move on to another pair, keep to a few pairs and be on the winning end of them…The KISS theory which means “Keep It Simple Stupid” do not Scalp, trade only on the 4hour or Daily Charts…think about this, if you initially lose 50 pips but end up winning 300pips on a pair, are you profitable? If you are not profitable in trading then you are seriously challenged, this game is simple…the initial money you lose is the money that is giving you direction.

  2. I’m just knew to working in the market I’m trying to make money with ForEx and Cryptocurrency I need some help with the trend lines understanding and figuring when the best time to buy.

  3. Hey Jay im new at this I get some of it and some of it I don't get I think I need a mentorship because to me I can't afford to make mistakes to loose money I'd rather not trade and loose money and take my time and learn it first can you give me more info on your mentorship i recently lost my job and I'm tired of the 9 to 5 it's time for me to control my future in a single father and I need this right now I'm serious and ready to make this happen.

  4. Another beautiful lesson Brodie 💪🏽 much love and respect ✊ u truly help me understand the simplicity I get the market but lack simplicity sometimes

  5. Thank you my mentor you are really helping alot . Even if I watch6 and rewatch all the training videos of the the I am always kin to see more of your videos.🤴

  6. A big shout out to you Jay 🙌… I just wanna let you know I came across your YouTube channel some few weeks back and I watched your compoundind tutorial and the strategy that works with it, it's been a game changer for me. I just wanna use this medium to say a big thank you for all the content you putting up here.. God bless you

  7. Hey Jay
    Do you have any suggestions for brokers? I saw on one of your other videos that use LQDFX. What's their stop out level on ECN account?
    Thanks in advance!

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