1. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Very clear, concise explanation. Easy to understand. I had always wondered exactly how the swap worked and never had seen an example until now. Now I feel ready. Love the channel! I look forward to all of your content.

  2. I’m really starting to enjoy trading forex vs stock market. The question I have is, how long is to long when hold a pair? Some people say 30 min. But I feel like that to fast. I would like to hear what u have to say about that PETER. Thanks for the vids 😊

  3. Hello, thank you for these videos. I new to trading and I would like to know more about the final stage of trading, I.e. what do I need to see these $21 on my accaccount? If you can make a video or point me to one of your previous ones that would be highly appreciated!

  4. Yup, swaps are an often an overlooked ‘cost of business’. I think it’s important to factor that in if swing trading as they can impact your profitability. Of course you can get paid on them too, but definitely need to be aware either way. Great video btw!

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