1. One of the rarest and best video online. Hv watched hundrends of videos in the past 10 years, but no one comes close to it.Very nice to see get it from an European with a different perspective. Mostly the videos are from USA or UK. And again none of them came close to your one. Some more u r so young, even even 60's to 70's couldn't explain it so perfectly. Hats off to u !

  2. Hi ROLF, Thank you for making this video, it clarified a lot of things for me. For a part-time stock trader who works 9-5 what types of styles should we master? Do you have any course available for that?

  3. I never thought about some of the concept mentioned in this video, like one template cannot fit in all market phases… Really we need different set of tips in different phases of the market.
    Awesome video thank you for introducing me with your concepts….

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