1. Can you explain hybrid momentum asymmetry? Sounds like alien to me.

    Also u said something about the orderliness of price going up to the blue line indicates specific agenda of the market makers? Is it to drive retail traders to tske long trades?

  2. You say at some point that institutional traders would take measures to distract retail traders (fake the price direction).
    Why should they take measures to do so?! REtail Traders make maybe about max. 10% of the whole Forex markets; now why should a big inst. Trader/Fonds give its energy to it to distract small Retail Traders?!

  3. Taken a sample of lets say 100-200 of such situations, how much does this strategy fail ? Does it prefer certain currency behavior, like a specific type of trend ? Does it work for other period than hourly ( intra day trading ) ? What is the most frequent RRR ? Do you use some other indicators beside demand/supply and exhaustion/rejection ? Hybrid momentum asymmetry ? I would also like if you could provide some references on some documentation ( in the case you wrote some ). It would be interesting to see this compiled into an automatic system and leave it run nonstop on all pairs for like, let's say 1-2 months and see what happens.

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