1. Its quite confusing really. You said earlier that we should only be looking what level are we on in the 4H chart then switch to M15 and apply the strategy. But most of your examples are in the 4H chart? Please clarify

  2. If 4hr has sell @resistance then how can i sell in 15mins at same time… You are explaining with finished trading but still there is a sell in 4hr how to fix.. clearly i wanna ask you if 4hr as sell at example certain time than we will get exactly sell in 15min??

  3. You're cherry picking support and resistance levels. What about all the levels inbetween that do not work once so ever? What about levels that get turtle souped?? lol

  4. Thank you very much for this video! I have been looking through your videos for the past 3 weeks and learned so much.I have just one question. At 40:20. you ignore the first resistance near the breakout candle and move on to use the next one. It would be great if you could inform me why.

  5. Thank you, it works all the time! I'm watching your videos constantly and have sometimes ~90-95% winrate. I look at comments and this makes me sad as hell. You did a great job and all you took is rant from idiots who haven't watch at least one video with explaining. I hate this thing about internet. This is the reason why such content is so rare, especially free one. I have the same problem with content creating… After your videos, trendlines strategy + hit&run I got the ability to see the future on Forex so clearly that it's truly magic. I look at chart and literally KNOW what will happen next as if this is me who will draw these candles. Thank you, Salah!

  6. Great video Salah – I will have to watch this several times to get it ingrained into my head and then try it on demo for some time.

    Do you also have a preferred time of day to trade this?

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