1. I have watched a lot of videos and i'm getting to the point now that all people are artist at what they do. Most videos do not go into detail about how the markets work .The persons running the videos only want to draw people in like market makers . The past month has been difficult as to choosing the right broker to go with and we were going to choose pax. Then i read terms and conditions , i got concerned about giving my information to people or group i have not met. We are not going to invest very much money at all we want to start very small and work our way up to the top.Maybe it will take a lot of time but it will be worth it in the long run. My Husband watched your video to and he was shocked that you explained things so clearly and did not charge .Thank you for giving this info out. After a ton of videos and i can name them all ,We think we have found the right person to follow and that person just might be you Kleveland. i do not have money to pay you to train me only to invest but if you have a free group that would be better. I always tell people that if the richest people take up 3 % of the worlds wealth imagine what the 97% could do if it learned how to trade and then the richest will be screwed and the worlds problems will fill in there faults and fill in the spirits cause money can bring you happiness. Thank you again and tell me how i could learn more for free

  2. Investing in forex is the fastest way to attain great wealth when you invest with a legit paying platform that guarantees profits both daily and weekly. It would be adviceable to start small especially if you are a beginner and you are scared of the risk involved.

  3. Hi,
    Can you please explain what you mean by "we found value here"?. I noticed you said that multiple times, when price entered tight consolidation. I usually think that means indecision, but I would appreciate it if you could please explain.

  4. Hi,

    Can you please explain what you mean by "we found value here"?. I noticed you said that multiple times, when price entered tight consolidation. I usually think that means indecision, but I would appreciate it if you could please explain.


  5. Trading with LUKE BROWN's strategy has given me a sense of confidence, the wins are very consistent, I have made a lot in just few weeks all thanks to your amazing strategy…

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  7. I was just listening to IML CEO Chris Terry and I realized how little he really knew about forex trading. I'm aware that he's a monster at multi level marketing, but at forex he knows minimal. But it pisses me off that he has combined the two. Absolute fraud.

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  9. All trading during the day is just noise and keeping you stressed and glued to the screens…You need a daily chart minimum..Place your trade at beginning of week and do something else and then check it near end of week and close it with any profit…and yes you will need 100-200 pip stops that's the reality.

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  12. I am a full time trader of forex and other financial instruments. I have been trading forex for about 8 years and stocks for about 27 years. Forex and stock options offer EXPLOSIVE opportunity EXACTLY like they are talking about. I even made 30 thousand in one month right when I started, but, I lost it and more because I didn't know enough, easy come easy go! Nevertheless, I was hooked. To know that these profits are possible just look at the large monthly chart candle sticks for USD/CHF and EUR/USD. The giant candlesticks represent huge money being made and lost! These ridiculous profits don't happen every month with every currency pair. Being in the right place at the right time with the right skill is part of it. ABSOLUTELY, study Technical Analysis and paper trade forex for at least A YEAR. Better still, in the beginning, use your chart reading knowledge to swing trade triple leveraged stock ETFs. After getting good trading ETFs, trade forex. Here's why, in forex, when you buy expecting the price to rise (take a long position) or sell expecting the price to fall (take a short position) and the price moves "the wrong way" and wipes out your entry amount you lose real money immediately and eventually are much poorer than you started. You go broke well before you get better. Buying 3x ETFs and reverse ETFs, you will make the same trading mistakes as in forex but your loss is a "paper loss." Because you still own the losing stock you can hold it for a day or two until the price moves as you expected. As you get better you will make money and fewer mistakes. You get to hold your position and stay in the game as you learn. Forex is the most dangerous trading vehicle out there. Why start with the most risky vehicle at the start when you know the least? Once you learn to read a price chart like the best Pros on earth you can trade anything from stocks, options, forex to commodities. Until then, you are one of the suckers being born every minute. Nevertheless, in most cases, these crazy amounts are real but these folks lose the money as fast as they earned it. I learned the hard way. I've been on both sides of the equation. Did you know there are stock ETFs for every major currency pair? You can basically read one chart and track a stock ETF and a currency pair. I used to read the forex chart but trade the equivalent stock ETF for the currency pair so I wouldn't get stopped out when the move briefly went against me. Over time I fell in love with the 3x ETFs. I make about the same money but I sleep better.You can contact me on:Robertssethlon@gmail.com,Don't blow your money before you acquire the skill.

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