1. I want a bot to do a lot of my work for me. Like tell the bot look at this pair or these pairs and do a bunch of stuff and tell me the results. I can then compare the info and decide what trade to make. I will elaborate. If i tell my bot to just watch say the majors. USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, JPY. OK. so now it will check out each chart. Tell me based on some back data where the current support and resistance zones are…and tell me where past ones were to my liking….like i can tell it how far to look. That enables me to set it at 5, 15, 30, 1h, 4h, day, month…. etc. done right the bot will just recalculate and go giving the data. Now i have a ton of info i would have to go get manually and updated daily all done for me. Thank god. Now take the strength of the currencies against each other and show me the strongest vs the weakest. in order top to bottom. Now i know which pairs are most likely to create a trade. I have a bunch of info to assist in making that trade. A lot of my work is done. Basically. The more foot work the Bot does…the better. The more info it can give you the better. Saves so much time going to get it. No…i don't really want the bot to make a trade. Just give me info. Do all the work that i have to do all the time. That bot is worth something to me. Especially if it is telling me a lot of stuff.

  2. Also , is there any book or resource you can possibly point me to to fully understand the channel trading and rsi! My difficulty is understanding market structure that is sideways and ideal for these strategies .Would greatly appreciate it . Thank you for all the material you share !

  3. Hello Alex , I must say I’ve started using this rsi system and got really great results . I’m beginner trader and was wondering where I may find any resource that describes this system to help me understand why it works. For example, why does it require two wave counts ? Does it matter which of the two wave counts is bigger ? I really want to understand the system so I’m not blindly entering into trades . Thanks !

  4. Given that I came to this video from Mary's email about the many DIAD alerts this past week, it seems that the RSI Trendline Trader and/or the Trendline Finder may be the best way to approach DIAD. I’ve looked at the Happy EA for some time, but I believe when I wrote to Mary about your EAs many months ago, she suggested that I stay away from the Happy EA; although the set and forget aspect of Happy is very appealing. You now have the new Trendline Magic EA coming out, but I’m not sure that its approach would be that helpful since the stops seem quite large. Any help in sorting this out would be appreciated. Thanks

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