1. I'm 3 months in to testing my system, and man the ATR is the best thing ever. I was skeptical when I first watched this video months ago about it being the best indicator in the world. I now understand how awesome it is using it for every trade. It has made me realize how barbaric my old ways of finding a profit target and stop loss target were

  2. Thank you for this presentation! I've added the ATR to my trading and it has made an ENOURMOUS difference. And youre right a trade shouldnt be made without looking at this indicator first and youre right again about it being the best indicator on the planet. Thank you for this presentation. 😀

  3. Wow.. It's working…. Thanks .. You r a great mentor for me!!

    I just wanna to ask very important question that , is it necessary to view " Currency strength " relate to each other to select a pair for this strategy?
    and what is the use of EMA 13 BLUE in this strategy? Pls reply

  4. You hit money management right on it's head for me. I was only into monitoring my margins (which is important), but this has taken my trading to a whole 'nother' level. That info with the forex pairs is priceless! Thank you so much for sharing. Subscribed.

  5. I disagree, the concept of not teaching your algorithm because simply it took you so much work and money to master it. Yes it’s your algorithm and you have every right to do whatever you like with it. But let me sort out something; many people out there spent thousand times more effort, time and money on something and yet they share it. I’m an elliott/Wyckoff/candles traders
    If Elliott didn’t write his knowledge I’d not be successfully trading today, same thing with Wyckoff and “Munehisa Homma” who invented Japanese candlestick. I’m so much gratitude to their astonishing work as much as I’m grateful to every writer who wrote something that added to my knowledge.

    In return its in my plan, down the road, once I could document my success and credit it with proven results, definitely; I will write down everything I know for people to use.

    Again; you have every right to keep your algorithm to yourself, but think twice, I’m interested in every experience and knowledge others have, so put a price on it and publish it.

    WRITE A BOOK, and I will be your first customer.

  6. You made a statement using the ATR to calculate the minutes it could take to hit your TP. What video is that. I have notes but I didn’t take clear notes on it.

  7. You should base your trade size on where the stop loss goes. ATR doesn't matter – at least in that sense. Also, I have found a lot of luck in using it as a target. If ATR is currently 60 pips, then that could be the target, roughly. Also, you should think about your trading style/system. If you are a trend trader, then you need higher ATR pairs. If you are a range trader, then the slower pairs make the most sense. There are a million ways to use ATR.

    At the end of the day, if you are risking 1 percent, it doesn't matter if you use ATR as a level, or a price. One percent is one percent.

  8. I'm a newby in this business – Please explain "how do you know you are trading at $6/pip or $2/pip?" Related question "How do you set the dollar per pip in your trade?"
    Another related question "if a broker offers 50:1 leverage how do you change your trade to 20:1 leverage?". Can anyone help me here. Thanks and Happy New Year

  9. But risking 1% on every trade with the SL that demands every trade in one particular pair isn't the same thing as using the ATR but without consulting it? Or did I missed something?

    Because in the end, you still be loosing the same x amount of money if the trade goes south on ethier EURG or GBPN. The trade will always demand a wider SL on the GBPN, because it's more volatile. The EURG on average demands 25 – 40 pips of SL on the daily, and the GBPN on average 45+ pips, also on the daily. The lot size will always be lower on GBPN than on EURG, thus complying with the correct money management of only trading 1%, adjusted to every pairs volatility. Which, just as you mentioned, many people don't, and that's fucking nuts.

    The only problem would be that you just don't know how much volatile it really is, or the exact number like the ATR gives you. Perhaps, that can be a huge advantage when trying to decide the correct SL on every pair when trading the dialy chart.

    In the end, you kinda have the same output by using the ATR for deciding the price per pip when entering a trade. I just do it the other way around! But I will definitely study the ATR in depth, and see how can I accommodate it into my current money management.

    Excellent video VP, without a doubt!

  10. I listened to the podcast all the way to 13 and now it starts!!
    Really nice videos never stop it VP!
    People the videos are very important and the podcast too they complement each other don’t ignore anything. What you put is what you receive

  11. Until you find out no nonsense Forex is just a conspiracy channel that attempts to turn it's 1M + viewers in the direction of one trade so he can go another 😎
    Just kidding btw 😂

  12. Too much waffle. Very droning around the bend, do it quite often. Watch the hole as you speed past, quite easy to fall in. Sometimes hard to climb out but ATR might tell you the randomness and volatility.

  13. I know this is obvious and overstated, but doesn’t something work until it doesn’t given everyone starts using it? I’m assuming it still works now just less potently.

  14. I kind of out of necessity learned something similar to this when I was trading stock options until a couple of moves outside of my rules occurred and I didn't know what to do in those situations (and got wiped out after trading successfully 85% of the time). You learn over time if you are aiming for a certain % from a certain move, you learn which stocks are more likely to generate that target % based on the moves they make on average. That also helps limit your risk knowing if the trade fails that you will lose within your risk tolerance.

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