1. I don't trade without the ATR as it's my #1 indicator. Heres another aspect I have found very useful with the ATR is to use it as a filter to stop me from trading during a range market. Simply place a level line i.e. 6 on the ATR indicator, when the ATR drops below this level, the market is usually ranging so don't open any trades. Therefore, this will helps to keep you out of trading when the market has reached low volatility.

  2. obviously the volatility peaks and troughs at the same time every day depending on the sessions, London is peak..etc that's a useless indicator as far as that goes. Do all the idiots here who say "great video", "helpful"..etc even think about he's telling you!

  3. Hi, this was a great video for me as I'm looking at creating my trading strategy based on volatility , momentum, and trend inidicators. I just purchased the market 360 EA from above link. Can you please guide on the next steps for receiving the EA ? Thanks!

  4. Thanks Alex for some great information. I especially liked the part where you showed how the ATR changed in a daily cycle, good stuff. I'll start looking at ways to integrate this information into my trading plan.

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