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I asked my mate who knows a fair bit about stocks and he said the less I know the better and shifted topic to what time my shift ends LOL. But I did some research about this company myself and has their Hughenden Project which is in the Galilee/Eromanga Basins which alot of discoverys by other miners have been found such as Santos, Iron Road, Iron Clad just to name a few. Also they have their
• Sierra Project (Bowen Basin)
• Comet Project (Bowen Basin)
• Springsure Project (Bowen Basin) (acquisition to be completed on the date of successful close of the Offer)
• Sunrise Project (Surat/Bowen Basin)
• Monto Project (Nagoorin Graben) and
• Maryborough Project (Maryborough Basin).

They have a sustainable balance sheet and the stock hasn’t been diluted so plenty of potential as well as a hot tip. I currently hold 120000 Units at 29.5. If I had more I would dump it into this stock. Hope this helps anyone interested in investing into GUF

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