1. I was under the impression that manipulation does happen, but it's not like banks choose your individual trade to stop out, they stop out large numbers of people who put their stop losses in similar places due to their technical analysis, and then use that liquidity entering the market to their advantage when accumulating buy orders or distributing sell orders. Obviously banks don't look at your individual trades and are like "Okay, we're gonna stop this specific person out".

  2. There are ways to avoid manipulation zones. Wide stops and understanding how to use ATR. Also, Day traders have a higher chance of death by a thousand cuts than swing traders/position traders.

  3. One thing that has not been targeted: Stop Hunting certainly happens because of Market Maker Brokers, not other Brokers. Brokers that take the other side of your trade and want to see you loosing have a benefit when you loose so it makes sense for them to trigger your stops more often. What one could do in this situation is to use Client Side Stops and not send the stop to the Broker.

  4. People who blame "manipulation" for their losses are losers themselves. If you know for a fact there is manipulation and is so evident, why not use it to your advantage?

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